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Community Darkroom was established in 1977 so that people of all ages who were interested in photography could take modestly priced classes, have access to facilities to create their own images, and meet each other to share their work in a supportive setting. We continue that mission today.

We offer quarterly classes and workshops in all types of  photographic processes - traditional, digital, and vintage.  We provide instruction in basic 35mm and digital SLR,  camera usage, composition, basic and intermediate black and white darkroom techniques, studio lighting, and digital programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and InDesign.  In our Silver Den, historic processes used by contemporary photographers are taught - wet plate collodion, salt printing, platinum/palladium, albumen, cyanotype, ambrotype, tintype, among others. We also offer special topics such as landscape, sports, night, photojournalism, architectural, nature, portraits, and more. 

Our instructors include both commercial and fine art photographers  from many different styles and backgrounds. Graduate students and professors from regional universities also serve as instructors.  The common element among all our instructors is a passion for sharing their photographic knowledge in a community setting. 
Community Darkroom also brings photography programs to urban schools and to organizations serving urban youth. Youth are involved in the entire process of creating artistic works - from vision to exhibition - under the guidance of caring teachers and volunteers. Our most extensive program is Studio 678, a 24 week after-school photography program for middle school students at Wilson Foundation Academy. 

Our darkrooms and lighting studio facilities are available for rental by the hour.  Our darkrooms are fully equipped and chemicals are included.  Our lighting studios are equipped with black, gray, or white backdrop paper, strobes or tungsten lights and many accessories. 

We have two galleries that feature the work of both established and emerging artists. The intent of our galleries is to showcase a wide variety of photographic work and to facilitate an exchange of vision and creativity among photographers and gallery visitors.  We host about 5 exhibitions each year. Some are solo shows while others are thematic group shows.  Call us if you would like us to see your portfolio.  Exhibitors do need to become members of Genesee Center. 

Special events have included a Meet the Photographer lecture series, studio tours, and professional development seminars.

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